20 Innovative Black And White Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

Innovative Black And White Wood Kitchen Design Ideas

To wood or not to wood, that is the question.

Incorporating modern kitchen design ideas with wood can add a completely different look to your kitchen, no matter what style you go for!

From oak-clad traditional wood kitchen to plywood kitchen, here are a list of choices for you to add a little woody texture to your kitchen, while maintaining a sleek cooking space.

1. Clean Profiles

A wood-inspired kitchen does not mean everything has to be in dark wooden brown shades.

You can opt for lighter shades such as using oakwood along with simple blocky shapes, skipping out on hardware for the cabinets.

Together, they provide a clean, and modern look when paired with black and white.

2. White Tile Backsplash

An all-white background look offers a fresh backdrop for you to work with.

Plywood or wooden boards can be nailed to the wall to serve as extra kitchen storage or just to display your favorite ceramicware against the tile backsplash!

Matte black cabinets and hardware make the backsplash pop out further in this kitchen.

3. Black Accents

Speaking of black:

Black touches can be added around your kitchen to add contrast to an all-white kitchen. Such as the black light fixtures, stools, hardware in this kitchen.

4. Wood Island Top

Make your kitchen stand out by using wooden countertops.

This will provide a natural aesthetic while still giving off a modern vibe. You don’t have to use whole wood slabs either. Finger-joint wood will have the same effect.

However, do note that wooden countertops require a lot of maintenance, as they are prone to water damage.

Depending on the type of sealant you are using, you may have to reapply it two to three times a year.

5. Some Black

So much visual interest is added into this kitchen by using black for the island counter at the front and cabinets at the back.

Combining wooden cabinets with matte black elements creates a sophisticated kitchen that has gives a luxurious vibe.

While the inside of the black lamps, tile backsplash, floor tiles, and all of the countertops are white to maintain some cohesiveness in the kitchen.

Adding the black and white rug further ties in the use of black in this kitchen.

6. Black Appliances

Black elements can also be incorporated into your kitchen through appliances:

In this kitchen with a mix of wood and white cabinetry, the ovens, exhaust hood, stove, pendant lights, and cabinet handles are intentionally all-black to achieve uniformity.

7. Wood Accents

Black (or white) cabinets in your kitchen can be highlighted with natural wood accents to create a kitchen with warmth and personality.

For instance, observe the wooden niches in this dark contemporary kitchen. Plain white walls and ceilings help to dramatize the effect!

8. Wooden Accessories

What better way to add rustic or Japandi vibes to your otherwise minimal kitchen than by introducing wooden accessories?

Think wooden salt and pepper shakers, knife holders, wooden boards, and other wooden kitchenware. Avoid plastic accessories for a vintage yet minimalistic look.

9. Black Tile Backsplash

A myriad of patterns and style options are available:

You can use classic subway tiles, shiny glass tiles, or modern hexagon tiles to make a bold visual statement in a white/ wood kitchen.

Check out these slim subway tiles with white veining:

10. Wooden Upper Cabinets

Wooden upper cabinets instantly warm up a cool-toned kitchen without having to use bright colors.

This kitchen’s mostly grey and white interior would feel a little less inviting without the medium-brown wooden cabinets and wood flooring.

11. Wood Flooring

To avoid a black and white kitchen from looking too bland:

You can try adding texture to your kitchen with hardwood floors in a herringbone style as in this kitchen!

12. Vintage Vibes

Travel back in time by transforming your cooking area into an obsession-worthy kitchen using warm wood tones and versatile white subway tiles.

Pay attention to the details, like the shape of the lamps you use. As well as the cabinet hardware! A farmhouse sink feels less modern if that’s the look your going for!

13. Hint Of Black

Monochrome interiors can make your kitchen look more spacious than it is. However, a monochromatic interior does not necessarily have to be all black and white.

In fact, black is kept to a minimum in this elegant kitchen with plenty of natural light, white cabinets, and a wooden countertop that extends seamlessly to the window bar seating.

14. Peek Of Wood

The black island with a white marble countertop incorporates a light-wood shelving niche underneath.

Rather than typical open shelving, this is a more unusual way to use wood for a decorative shelf.

It instantly elevates the kitchen and lends to a contemporary design.  Don’t forget to use wooden accessories (you can try wooden pendant lights too) to complete the look.

15. Black Island

Light-wood cabinets frame this chunky black island with a white marble countertop. In this way, the island really stands out as the centerpiece in this kitchen.

The black pendant lights and stools (with tops that match the wooden cabinets) accentuate the effect.

16. Panels

Vertical panels are an attractive feature you can use to add more interest in a black and white kitchen. Regardless if they are used on dark or light cabinets!

Sleek appliances, tapware, and subtle cabinet handles conceal any distractions from the lovely gallery wall in this stunning kitchen.

The paneling as well as the cream wood stools, shelves, and pendant lights are still noticeable without competing with the gallery wall too.

17. Interesting Floor Tiles

Patterned porcelain tiles bring some oomph to a minimal kitchen space.

18. Trims

Instead of inconspicuous trims, you can use trims to make a bold statement in a plain kitchen.

There are many types of trims to choose from – steeped crown molding, corner molding, traditional crown molding, the list goes on!

This kitchen uses an intriguing combination of wood and black for cabinet trims!

19. Handles

Cabinet handles and pulls come with varying levels of customization. So don’t underestimate their ability to affect your kitchen interior!

Stainless steel handles generally contribute a sleek and modern finish while gold and glass knobs look classy.

They’re also a simple solution for a kitchen renovation!

20. Combination

You can never go wrong with a white kitchen to showcase wooden accessories, metallic or black hardware, and appliances.

There’re so many ways to make a white kitchen more stylish too, without going over the top:

Like in this kitchen, which combines several design elements we mentioned earlier.

Including the use of panels and patterned tiles for the backsplash, semi-circular brass knobs for the cabinets, chevron wood flooring, etc.


Minimal kitchens are popular for a reason. They’re incredibly versatile, even when sticking to a minimal color palette.

The combination of white, black, and wood textures is very timeless but can easily appear modern or rustic depending on how you choose to style your kitchen!

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