30 Affordable Stone Tile Designs For Bathroom Showers

Stone Tile Designs For Bathroom Showers

If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, you might well be fixated on all-white and marble-everything. But there are actually many affordable stone or alternative stone tiles!

We think that choosing which tiles to use is arguably the fun bit of designing a bathroom. And the most important!

Check out these 30 bathroom tile examples in a variety of designs for inspiration on how to design your own bathroom!

1. Porcelain/ Ceramic

Ceramic and porcelain tiles complete the bathrooms. And cheaper besides than stone tiles!

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for bathrooms. Because of their water-resistance, they require low maintenance. Furthermore, they are cheaper than real stone tiles!

But their biggest advantage is the virtually limitless designs that are possible – for instance, tiles that look like marble.

Or mosaic tiles like in this photo inspiration:

This bathroom has marble-look ceramic tile walls cut in an unusual hexagonal shape for an elegant touch.

Interiors that are moodier are also common, so why not go darker and dramatic with blue?

These eye-catching tiles look perfect. Their deep blue tones give your bathroom industrial charm along with matte black fixtures.

2. Quartz

If you’re searching for a durable, yet stylish stone, quartz is an excellent choice for a bathroom. Because of their nonporous surface, which discourages bacterial growth!

Moreover, quartz is available in a variety of veining patterns and colors! Finishing can be either matte or glossy.

With adequate lighting, quartz in this iconic color combination appears shiny and luxurious!

Quartz stone tiles can help you achieve a minimalist look in your bathroom! And they’ll last for a long time with the right care!

3. Corian

Between quartz and Corian, quartz is natural and stone. And therefore more expensive and more durable. So if you are planning to sell the home you are renovating, quartz has the better resale value.

Corian is cheaper because it is a synthetic material (a mixture of natural minerals and acrylic resin) and it can come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

As a result, Corian tiles can have a natural appearance, similar to marble or granite, but are available in a wide range of colors!

More importantly:

Corian tiles can be solid and seamless. And therefore, ideal for designing a bathroom with low maintenance! It is more hardy than laminate. But that doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to scratches and mold!

The grout-less design provides this space with a modern and fresh look!

4. Swanstone

Swanstone is another pertinent man-made material for sinks, shower and tub surround, and countertops in the bathroom! Because it grants a seamless, raw, and polished shape.

But at the same time, is a more affordable alternative to Corian! Though there may not be as many choices for styles.

The way it is made makes it more resistant to stains, cracks, and heat than other natural materials like granite.

The white Swanstone tiling brightens this bathroom. Along with the strategically placed spotlight!

5. Cement

Cement-based interiors are classy and have that industrial feel.

This chic bathroom is beautifully done with cement walls and flooring. You just need simple black tap-ware to make it look like a bathroom in a fancy hotel!

Here, this bathroom feels stylish and industrial even with less ambient light! 

The high ceiling makes it appear spacious despite the dark gray tones. Sleek matching silver and white bathroom fixtures further amplify that.

6. Slate

Since slate tiles vary in color and texture from one tile to the next, they create a warm, homely vibe of original stone.

And your bathroom walls will have a special look as a result of this!

Here’s a modish bathroom floor tiled in black slate tiles to make the space look sassy!

Matte black frames for the shower stall, mirror, and bathroom sink complete the elegant bathroom!

7. Pebble Tile

Why not use pebble tiles with plain tiles on your bathroom wall?

In this example, the pebble tiles extend to the shower floor for a smooth and graceful shower stall!

For a cool-toned bathroom, sleek gray tiles and a highly contemporary pebble accent wall are integrated into this bathroom design.

8. Limestone

Limestone is a great choice for less formal bathroom decor. The use of a limestone floor gives the room a lovely primitive, earthy look!

This tile design, which features a creamy base and warm golden tones, works for bathrooms with limited natural light!

If you want something a little more interesting, try a slanted arrangement for your limestone tiles! The limestone tiles give this bathroom a nostalgic thrill about them:

9. Granite

Granite flooring is both versatile and stylish, so it’s always a win-win for bathrooms!

Here’s a shower stall that is completely covered in granite:

And have a glimpse at these luxurious granite shower walls! Plain small black tiles complement the striking black veins in the granite slabs:

Most of this bathroom is covered by beige and red granite! A perfect fit for the marble bench-top!

10. Accents

A tub-and-shower combo is a great cause to use decorative tile to create an accent wall. But accent walls are not limited to just tub-and-shower combinations!

As seen here – The accent tiles on this bathroom wall look cool against the otherwise black and white interior:

On the other hand, you can alternate tiles to make something like this:

The color choice is a little retro, but still feels contemporary because of the subway tiles!

And this bathroom goes to show that you don’t need colors to make accent walls:

A black and white concept is classic! Just add interest by using tiles of different sizes and shapes!

11. Saltillo

These Saltillo tiles give a warm and pleasant ambiance to this bathroom! 

And nothing can beat the Mediterranean touch in this bathroom! It looks expensive even without any glaze on the tiles!

12. Terracotta

Terracotta translates to “burnt earth” in Latin. And thus aptly named since it is made from organic clay that is shaped and baked in a kiln.

Note: These tiles can be either hand-made or extruded by machinery. The quality depends on the manufacturing process. Highly compressed tiles are more durable.

To most, there’s no discernible visible difference between terracotta and Saltillo tiles.

But because of how it is produced (I.e. densely packed clay), Saltillo clay is well-known for its resilient properties. And it is more durable than regular terracotta tiles.

Terracotta goes well with pastel colors, as well as cool or warm white to visually enlarge an area.

You can try contrasting colors too:

13. Travertine

Travertine may look like marble at first glance but marble and travertine are very different:

Marble is available in a wider range of colors that include gray or beige, gold, dark brown, and even black. Marble veining is also very distinctive!

In contrast, travertine is usually found in warm, earthy tones. And cheaper than marble.

The walls of this rustic-looking shower room are made of square-cut travertine tile.

While mosaic tiles on the floor are of a lighter tone, to match the strip of patterned tiles along the main shower walls.

The shower in this spacious bathroom is adorned with black taps and rain showers. With warm-toned travertine tiles for the walls!

14. Mosaic

For a visually fascinating impact, use varying tones of beige-grey for mosaic shower walls and floor. 

As a result, this bathroom has a lavish but soothing appeal to it!

Alternatively, dark grey mosaic tiles provide a pebbled impression in this bathroom design suitable for a farmhouse interior:

With huge, natural stone-looking tile panels around, colorful mosaic tiles may be used as a feature wall and back-splash like this!

15. Split Face

Split face tiles look good in bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The shower wall is one of the most popular spaces to decorate with split face tiles.

This white and grey split face tile design adds style to this dull gray bathroom!

While split face tiles of a rougher texture add a nature-inspired aesthetic to your bathroom interior:

16. Solid Surface

The seamless and groutless nature of solid surfaces makes them excellent for bathrooms:

Particularly since they have non-slip properties. And are nonporous (I.e. won’t be a potential breeding ground for micro-organisms)

Additionally, you can get them in a plethora of different patterns and colors. If they do need a touch-up after a few years, refinishing solid surfaces is relatively easy.

The plainness of the shower stall here is simply gorgeous and pleasant together with the red walls and chosen floor tiles.

Showers with solid surfaces look clean and don’t require so much effort to scrub!

You can just opt for a solid surface floor for your shower stall too. The white shower floor contrasts well with the color of the wall tiles in this bathroom!

17. River Stones

River stones can give your bathroom a spa-like atmosphere! While also giving your feet a massage every time you shower.

These white river stones look fantastic when paired with wood tiling in this smooth, contemporary bathroom of mainly bronze hues.

You can give your bathroom a makeover with a bag (or 2) of river stones and grout:

Installation is a time-consuming process since exact placement is needed to fit the stones nicely. Pebble shower mats will solve this.

Note that river stones aren’t the easiest to clean either. But they are slip-proof even when wet! You can also get sliced or flat pebbles to decrease the chance of mold developing.

Lastly, river stone or pebble flooring will require resealing every year.

18. Mixture

When you can’t afford to have an all-marble bathroom, having a mixture of bathroom flooring will give you some flexibility over your budget.

Plus, it makes for an interesting visual effect!

The ceiling, wall, and floor of this all-gray bathroom include a mix of different design tiles!

And this antique white and grey tile combination is flawlessly stunning with the black tapware.

19. Faux Marble

In both modern and vintage styles, faux marble is suitable for bathroom interiors on a budget:

The light grey marble tiles in this bathroom go well with the vanity and the glass shower door!

And also, take a peek at this minimalist bathroom with convincing faux white marble tiling:

20. Glass Tiles

If you want to go the eco-friendly path, consider using recycled glass tiles for your bathroom decor!

The aqua glass subway tiling on the shower walls adds to the calmness of this lovely haven. It’s eye-catching without deviating from the washroom’s relaxing atmosphere!

This little space has an urban spirit thanks to the ombre green tiling and corresponding golden piping!

A mix of glass tiles in the same color family works too:

21. Cement Tiles

This patterned cement tile looks incredibly gorgeous on a bathroom wall, but it’s also just as stunning as a magnificent backsplash in a kitchen.

Cement tiles in a classic Cuban rug pattern:

Although printed cement tiles can look identical but are less expensive than porcelain tiles, they do have some drawbacks.

For one, the top surface of printed cement tiles is porous with a tendency to use up a lot of grout. They do not have the same layer of glaze that accompanies porcelain tiles.

This same disadvantage leads to easy staining of cement tiles too. So if you have a choice, pick porcelain!

While pretty, these light-colored cement tiles will stain easily:

22. Fish Scales

Fish scale tiles are trending and we can see why! They look contemporary and are very eye-catching in a minimalist setting!

Isn’t this coastal farmhouse chic bathroom just beautiful with the fish scale tiles? You don’t have to cover the whole wall with them:

You can find handmade fish scale tiles on Etsy that are a lot more elaborate!

23. Terrazzo

Terrazzo is making a comeback in a big way because it conceals blemishes while adding a lot of aesthetic interest!

The terrazzo floor in this interior gives out mid-century bathroom vibes!

Also, the tiles in here draw the eye in closer to the bath and then up the wall, giving the impression of more height and space!

Just like this dark sage green interior, Terrazzo can match almost any style!

24. Half Tiles

If you want to go for an in-style bathroom, half-tiling is another option:

Half-tiling in mint gives this bathroom a fresh appearance, along with the plants and light wood trim.

Check out this dark green half-tiled bathroom! It contrasts well with the black and white interior floor tiles and bathroom fixtures.

Don’t be afraid to mix tiles like this cool combination of sage green tiles and marble tiles:

25. Selected Areas

A shower niche is a built-in shelf that is set into the shower wall and serves as storage for bathroom items.

Besides their practicality, a shower niche is an opportunity to mix different tiling!

The tone-on-tone theme of this shower stall extends into the shower niche. But with marble-like hexagon tiles for the niche!

Subtle tones give an overall timeless appearance to this shower stall.

26. Subway Tiles

Bathrooms with subway tile are a safe choice for most interior styles.

You cannot go wrong with white subway tiles and black bathroom fixtures for a Scandinavian interior that is timeless too!

However, just because it’s a popular style of tile doesn’t mean there’s no room for creativity! 

27. Soapstone

Soapstone (or steatite) tiles are also a great option for wet areas in the home.

If you’re striving for aesthetic glamour in cool dark tones, this mid-range priced natural material might be one way to go!

This shower area looks polished and magnificent thanks to the hexagon soapstone tiles!

Because soapstone is limited to shades of gray and black, with possible tints of blue or green.

Conversely, slate has a lustrous and smooth appearance that is excellent for a voguish look.

Slate also comes in a multitude of colors!

The difference between soapstone and slate:

Furthermore, soapstone doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. Unlike marble which does need regular sealing. Soapstone does not stain easily.

However, soapstone is soft and prone to scratches.

28. Bluestone

Bluestone is a dark grey marble with a bluish tint that is extracted in Turkey and many nations throughout the world, as well as locally and in Canada!

Bluestone walk-in showers, like in this modern bathroom, never fail to impress!

Even this minimal shower looks lavish with bluestone tiles!

Compared to other materials such as cement, limestone, and sandstone, bluestone is significantly more cost-effective. Its installation cost is slightly lower than that of limestone.

29. Sandstone

When used with other warm tones and textures, bathrooms look very inviting with some sandstone tiles!

Take this inspiring sandstone bathroom with a built-in bathtub, wooden floor, and lovely skylight:

The earth tones of this seamless shower have a relaxing atmosphere!

There are also many imitation sandstone tiles available in the market:

30. Quartzite

In case you’re wondering:

Quartz is a man-made stone, whereas quartzite is a real stone (I.e. sandstone fused with quartz crystals). 

Quartzite is the more expensive option between them due to its higher maintenance requirements. For your information, quartz costs about the same as granite.

Aside from this, quartzite is either white or light grey. However, minerals in the stone can tint it with gold, pink, or reddish-brown.

On the other hand, quartz can resemble any stone and comes in a variety of colors and designs. It is more durable and easier to maintain than quartzite!

Although quartzite can withstand scratches better than quartz!

This bathing room is made even more lovely by the light flooring set against darker quartzite slabs in the shower!

While this shower wall and flooring in warmer tones has a lavish touch:


Tile is possibly the one element in your bathroom that can completely transform the place. And you don’t have to spend a fortune on stone tiles when there are so many alternatives!

There’s a look for everyone – whether you want a classic subway tile design, a retro aesthetic with square ceramic tile.

To compromise on your budget, try combining two different bathroom tile styles!

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