47 Elegant Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

Elegant Luxury Bedroom Design Ideas

Elegant luxury bedrooms don’t necessarily have to cost loads of money. But there’s no denying that there is a limit to the level of luxury you can achieve on a budget!

Here are 47 luxury bedroom designs to inspire you! We made sure to include some that are more budget-friendly than others.

At the same time, some of these look like they belong to a celebrity home or 5-star hotel!

1. Modern Opulence

Where to start? That magnificent crystal chandelier, the floor-to-ceiling window, marble tiles?

There are a lot of different textures (e.g., textured, smooth, reflective, matte, etc) and shapes (round and angled) in this bedroom.

And they all fit within the same color palette – gold, brass, gray, black, white!

Here’s a simpler bedroom that still looks very elegant and classy:

Wainscoting on the walls and matching round pendant lights provide the perfect backdrop for this gray velvet divan bed frame with a high padded headboard.

2. Silver Luxury

Warm grays and cool tone grays are combined in this fabulous luxury bedroom. We love how the wallpaper at the head of the bed and bedding add texture without being overwhelming!

You can get a similar effect with plain gray walls. Although you might have to DIY the headboard if you can’t find one that high, or afford a bespoke headboard.

Here’s another light grey bedroom with no lack of textures and contrasting shapes:

3. No walls

This might take some getting used to but what if you ditch the wall behind your bed completely?

With a printed screen:

A mural:


Or your bathroom!

4. Reflective Surfaces

Ignoring the fabulous wainscoting with brass trim, the high archway, window, drapes, ornate furniture, and ceiling of this room:

Metallic shades like brass and silver, together with reflective surfaces (in this room, it’s the mirror and marble floors) look stylish. Contrast these with soft bedding and carpets!

Like in this room:

The effect works for this lighter color scheme too:

5. Champagne

Champagne looks great in a satin finish. See how the light reflects off headboard in the following photo?

This inoffensive color goes well with gold, brass, or dark brown hues.

You can add some contrast with light blue too.

6. Modern Four Poster Bed

The simple but striking outline of the modern four poster bed is essentially like having 5 frames at once!

Therefore, having wainscoting or wallpaper, decorative plaster ceilings, or grand chandeliers will paint a pretty picture!

Keep the color palette muted for understated elegance.

Wood furniture is used in this room, instead of gold.

7. Blush Pink

Without question, the grand four poster bed is the dominating factor in this bedroom. The room is small but still feels luxurious.

Because of the limited and light color palette and ample light sources!

However, if you don’t want a pink bed all year round, it might be better to invest in fancy quilted pink bedding instead!

Note that pairing pink with silver and grey looks more modern:

8. Wood Beams

Timber rafters, wooden beams, and window frames are notable features of these classic lodge style bedrooms!

The furniture you choose doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same wood tones either.

9. High Ceilings

High ceilings always make a room look more expensive, and everything that you can possibly do to emphasize that has been done in this luxury bedroom.

High drapes, chandeliers, paintings that almost reach the ceiling, etc.

There may be dark walls (which usually makes rooms seem smaller) but the light colored and low lying furniture, as well as multiple translucent white curtains counter this effect!

Tip: Hang curtain rods higher than the windows to give an illusion of a higher ceiling.

10. Art Nouveau

This bedroom feels very Art Nouveau to us. Even without printed wallpaper! The plain white pillows and walls with wainscoting make the stunning headboard of this bed stand out!

All other furnishings (from the curtains to the carpet) in this room refer back to the colors featured in the headboard.

Which is very typical of Art Nouveau style – brown, mustard, olive green, and a hint of blue.

11. Soft Pastels

This style works for a small bedroom. Minimal colors are used and if there are prints, they are subtle.

Chairs, lamps, and beds in these rooms have a rounded profile too.

12. Fine Prints

Aside from a few plain white pieces, everything else in this bedroom has texture – whether it’s wood grain or a fine print.

There are no bright colors competing for attention and none of the patterns is significantly louder than the others.

Did you notice that the ceiling imitates the shape of the bed headboard?

13. Light & Dark

Dark ceilings and floors, but light walls and bedding meet together at the huge wall painting by the bed.

That’s not the only contrasting feature in the room:

The furniture is mostly round. Which softens the heavy use of angles in the dramatic wainscoting panels.

While metallic light fixtures, soft lighting, and velvet upholstery give the room a glam factor.

14. Art Deco In Light Pastels

Dreamy pastel shades are accented with gold in this luxury bedroom.

From the pair of gold starburst mirrors, a gold crystal chandelier, and matching gold trim on the side tables, lamps, tray, and ice bucket!

We personally think the room would look better without that bowl of green (moss?) but to each their own!

15. Velvet

Deep blue and green jewel tones look even better in crushed velvet! Use dull gray to allow the colors to stand out further!

Contrasting colors work too!

Gray velvet brings out the gold accents in this room:

Or you can try a mix of earth tone shades!

16. Victorian Inspired

There are some modern silhouettes in this room – like the lights, and a general absence of dark wood tones.

Pastel shades keep the room from looking dark and busy.

There are a few colors working together here – blue, green gold and pink. None more prominent than the other.

17. Fusion

We’re quite sure there’s more than one style involved in this bedroom. The prints are bold and kept to just a few pieces.

Black and gold are the main accent colors but these are also used sparingly.

The walls, headboard, mirrors, and side tables are painted in dull colors to accompany the accent colors. Along with the white walls and ceilings, this makes the room seem bigger than it is.

18. Japandi Luxury

Light and airy with wood tones in the same light hue. With no strong colors, textures, or patterns are present in this room.

19. Minimal

To take it a step further from the previous luxury bedroom idea, this room requires some pre-planning:

Particularly when it comes to the wall cavity that strategically lights up the main focus of the room – the bed!

Built-in side tables, desk, and the floating bed frame further accomplish the minimalist appearance of this room. There is barely any floor or table clutter in sight!

The same goes with table lamps, ceiling lights, rugs, and paintings. The room is void of color, pattern, and texture. We suspect the window is fully covered with that huge one-piece blind too.

The above room may not be possible for some (especially if you aren’t actually a real minimalist with very few possessions):

In that case, try to hide your belongings from plain sight with under bed storage or sleek built-in cabinets. This room below could potentially have many storage options.

20. Shabby Chic

Aged textures are played against white shades in the following photos:

The general lack of color makes this style more sophisticated.

It works even with some modern elements thrown in – as seen in the this room with the chandelier, table lamp, wall paintings and sleek four poster bed.

21. Teal Suede

Faded blues create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. You can use it all over like in this luxury bedroom.

Or with one accent piece – muted brown shades contrast well with this teal blue ottoman.

And in here, the bedding is intentionally matched to the striking headboard and bench at the foot of the bed.

The table lamps guide the eye up towards the delicate chandelier.

22. Metallic Creams

To keep the focus on the metallic features, these bedrooms only use 3 colors at most.

A portion of the walls (blinds in the case of the second photo) provide some texture in either bedroom but otherwise, the bedding, carpet, headboard, lamps, etc do not.

23. Dark Bohemian

An abundance of textures is what makes this dark bedroom look luxurious:

There are plants of varying height, the wood side table, velvet covers, wicker baskets, contrasting rugs, etc.

In spite of the dark walls and dark timber floors, there is sufficient light in the room as the bed faces a window while the mirror doubles the light from the chandelier.

24. Pink Bohemian

This room is mostly white if not for the gentle pink accent wall that is framed by the dark green foliage of plants above the bed.

They look great together because they are opposing colors on the color wheel!

It’s not a huge room but when the eye is focused on the center of the room, it will not feel cramped. Again, there is enough light supplied by the window and mirror.

25. Art Gallery

Art pieces, unusual outlines, and stripes steal the limelight in the following rooms. Because their surroundings are neutral – cream, white, wood or natural plant greens.

And of course, art galleries need to be well lit!

26. Fine China

We love the delicate details in both of these rooms – they remind us of dainty porcelain tea cups. Which is lot more obvious in the second photo.

To complement the blues are cream colored bedside tables, wood tones and a hint of gold (in the curtain rings for the second photo).

27. Classy In White

Tasteful choices were made for this luxury bedroom:

Outlines of the mirrors, bed frame (including the thin legs), plant pot, chandelier frame, lamps, painting are all clean and slim.

Besides the plant, the color palette doesn’t stray from grey, black and white.

28. Space Gray

There are many ways to go about this:

Gray can easily look flat but strategic lighting (including where you place warm tones and lighter color bedding) can prevent this.

You can use subtle textures like the dappled cement wall behind the bed in this photo, or layer different blankets on the bed.

29. Royalty

Royal bedrooms have a few things in common – white wainscoting, gold trims, padded upholstery, and one clear accent color.

To take it up a notch, you can look for gilded furniture. This bedroom does not have any and hence, it carries a more modern feel to it.

30. Low Profile

Low ceilings? No problem! Keep wall decor and furniture low too. And this will make it seem like your ceilings are higher than they actually are.

Hanging curtains high up (even if they are much higher than the windows)gives the illusion of higher walls.

A light color palette, hollow or floating furniture, or thin furniture legs can amplify this too.

This bedroom looks similar to the previous but with a cool gray color palette:

31. Colonial Farmhouse

Colonial furniture (especially beds and dressers) can take up a lot of space quickly.

To order to avoid your bedroom decor from feeling too oppressive:

Keep the walls and and ceilings plain white (the same applies to any wall and ceiling panels, wainscoting, and trims) and free from wallpaper, don’t use heavy drapes for the windows, etc.

In contrast, you can keep the bedding plain and explore the use of wallpaper, or more colorful rugs and carpets.

32. Botanic Prints

One of our favorite bedrooms in this list!

White walls offer an empty canvas to hang up botanic prints in this room. The bed and chair are also covered in art!

And further accentuated by putting a plant (similar to the print) in the room! The colors of the floor match the delicate blue of the flowers.

In it’s own right, that unusual black desk is a work of art too! The gold drawer knobs of the desk pairs with the gold lamp stand.

33. Antique

Antique paintings with brass and gold frames do this wrought iron four poster bed justice!

To better appreciate them, other furniture and trapping in the room are matte and in neutral shades. Like the gray bedding.

34. Parisian Chic

No Parisian inspired bedroom is complete without a delicate chandelier, an antique gold frame (or several), and plush bedding. Ottomans at the foot of the bed are optional.

35. Dark Farmhouse

Farmhouse looks more masculine and moody in dull color tones. But it looks edited and intentional with simple trimming on otherwise, plain white walls and ceilings.

Wooden floorboards and furniture pieces prevent the room from looking overly cool.

36. Modern Farmhouse

You don’t need an antique metal or wood bed frame to make the farmhouse style work!

37. Faded Blue

We don’t know about you but there’s something about dull greyish blues that add hygge to a space!

Whether you use it as a wall accent color:

On your bed:

Or in generous doses around the room!

Blue goes very well with wood tones too.

38. Summer Vibes

Inspired by Balinese resorts:

Recreate a summer feel in your bedroom with airy white curtains, fresh white bedding, and wooden furnishings with intricate carvings.

Or decorative wall hangings made of natural material. As pictured in this photo.

Alternatively, you can build your color palette around the warm tones of Terracotta tiles:

39. Parisian Luxury

Parisian chic looks more refined and luxurious if you maintain a color palette of white and gold! Pay attention to the style of bed in both of these pictures!

Both bed frames are curvy with tufted headboards!

You can get away with simple wainscoting if your other pieces (e.g. bed and chandelier) are already elaborate!

40. Cottage Inspiration

Curate your own cottage bedroom by carefully selecting furniture pieces of colonial or Victorian design. Pay attention to little details like the hardware on drawers, or cupboard doors.

Wood tones don’t necessarily have to match as long as they’re in the same family (e.g. all warm tones), including the floorboards!

The demure flower prints featured in these two rooms are in light faded shades. Other similarities between the two rooms are the delicate iron chandeliers and metal bed frames.

41. Realistic Minimal

Maybe you still want a whole heap of pillows on your bed. Or your essentials close by.

The two rooms below clearly show how you can still achieve grace and elegance without the room looking visually cluttered.

Bare white walls and a limited color palette are some things to take note of.

42. Mid Century

The reimagined mid century bedroom feels timeless!

Furniture that you choose should match and look like they are from the same set. Pencil legs or one-piece bed frames in mid tone wood shades are distinctly mid century.

But you can bring back a touch of modernity with paintings, carpets, and bedding that are minimal and geometric.

This is a style that has room for evolution! Adding many potted plants, accent walls, or a stunning Persian carpet in the middle of the room can really change up the mood!

43. Accent Walls

Don’t underestimate the power of accent walls! A trendy color you can try is taupe!

While white wooden panels have an honest style about them!

44. White Antique

This style can look super cozy and feminine or minimal and elegant! As you can see in the following photos!

But what you should take away is lack of bright colors (or colors in general), white walls and ceilings, paintings in wooden frames that look faded, and matching antique lights.

Wooden flooring looks divine in this style but if you don’t have wooden floors, you can layer rugs!

45. Eclectic Colonial

If not for the unexpected lamp covers, and fully teal walls (plus trimming, window frames, and curtain railings), this could easily have been a more traditional looking bedroom.

We think the teal works very well with the dark cool toned wood bed frame, beige ceiling, window shutters, and side tables, as well as the printed curtains (which happen to have teal in them too).

46. Neutrals

You can never go wrong with neutral colors! They have a calming effect and work brilliantly with accent walls.

Keep things modern with thin black lighting fixtures.

Observe how the striped bedding is kept neutral too:

47. Geometric Masterpiece

How did the designer of this particular make so many patterns work with each other in perfect harmony?

For starters, neither the teal or dark blue (of the wall and bedding respectively) are too saturated. Moreover, the trim on the wall and patterns in the duvet cover do not have any color.

Minimal pendant lights and back-lit headboard bring focus back to the headboard.

The headboard itself features a print that would have been very distracting but it is made less so by restricting the pattern to black and white, and with thin lines.


We hope this post gives you a ton of ideas to try for an aspirational bedroom that’s worthy of conversation!

Do not fall into the trap of picking a certain style because everyone else is doing it. Like fashion, interior has trends that can quickly go out of style. So pick something that is really you instead!

Blend different styles, if you want!

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