Admiring Creepy Halloween And Fall Ideas 47
Admiring Creepy Halloween And Fall Ideas 47

20+ Admiring Creepy Halloween And Fall Ideas

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Ah, the Fall is upon us once again, and it couldn’t have come any sooner. It’s a wonderful season, isn’t it? The cool crisp air. The changing of the leaves. The football games. The perfectly balanced amount of night and day light. The harvesting of the crops on farms all around the country. The bags of flaming cow manure left on front porches and the toilet paper strung all over the houses in your neighborhood. The scary ghouls and goblins traipsing the streets, knocking at your door. Well, it’s not exactly chestnuts roasting over an open fire, I’ll admit, but it’s one of my favorite times of the year anyway.

Besides, the toilet papered houses and such don’t last the entire length of the fall. You get thrown in jail if you keep doing that kind of stuff on a routine basis. I know, especially if you vandalize a respected city official’s house a bit too zealously. For one fantastic, wondrous night, though, each and every year, the madness and mayhem is an extremely welcome sight.

Unless, of course, it’s your house that gets redecorated in a toilet paper motif. Then it’s a different story entirely, eh? But it’s all in good fun now, isn’t it? A little clean up is worth that one annual night of exalting, exhilarating, thrilling joy. That one night filled with chilling horror stories and haunted houses and ghost walks. That one Fall night that is dedicated to thrills and chills, and of course, little bags of candy corn and free caramel apples.

That night would be Halloween. All Hallow’s Eve. The night that celebrates the dark and the macabre, though for some of us, our 9 to 5 jobs feel as though they are filled with a celebration of scary, gruesome, never-ending hours. Except at work our bosses and co-workers are terrifying and boring at the same time, and not nearly as fun as a candle lit Jack-O-Lantern or a street lined with ghosts and monsters. Besides, your boss rarely if ever gives you candy. Give me chills and thrills over in-boxes and e-mails any day of the week. Unfortunately, Halloween only comes around once a year, every October 31st, a day that we are encouraged to be creepy in an all important effort to pay homage to all things scary and horrifying.