Extraordinary Menu Planning Board Ideas 52
Extraordinary Menu Planning Board Ideas 52

30+ Extraordinary Menu Planning Board Ideas

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Whether you need to save money or time, or both, planning out your meals will help you reach your goal. It may take a while the first few times you sit down to plan out your family’s menu, but practice brings speed. In time, you’ll have menu planning down to an art.

The first thing you want to do is sit down, and make a list of all the meals you make on a regular basis. Especially note the meals that are easy for you to prepare. For example, my family loves spaghetti and meatballs, and I’ve made it so often that it’s very easy to whip up. This list will be your “go-to” meals, and will be the foundation of your menu. I usually make the meals on my go-to list twice a month. You’ll only have to make this list once, but you may find yourself adding to it as you pick up new recipes.

I find it’s best to sit down once a week and plan out the meals for the next week. You can plan as far ahead as you feel comfortable. However, the further ahead you plan, the more flexible your menu has to be, and extra costs can creep in when you need to change your menu often.

The next step is take a quick inventory of what food you already have on hand. Check your freezer, refrigerator and pantry. In the beginning, I advise you to actually list such items as the meats, produce and dairy that you already have. This is because these items are perishable and more costly, so you want to use what you already have before buying more. Consistent menu planning will reduce perishable food waste, and cut down on this expense.