Best French Home Decoration Ideas 50
Best French Home Decoration Ideas 50

30+ Best French Home Decoration Ideas

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Home decorating with French style decor is a great way to rejuvenate tired rooms. The good news is that you are able to achieve the look of French country without spending a lot of money. Because the look takes advantage of older pieces, you might pick up some accents or some major elements of your design from second-hand or antique shops. Attending estate sales and country auctions is another way to find bargains without spending a fortune.

A French country kitchen usually comes to mind when you think of decorating with this theme. Kitchens are easy to redo. You are able to retain modern appliances, but add finishing touches and accessories that identify with the atmosphere of a kitchen in rural France. A pottery pitcher filled with fresh or silk flowers on a wooden cabinet is one example. Use stencils effectively to get the colors of France included in your decorating scheme.

Warm natural colors are common. Gold and yellow from the sunshine, pastel blues from the summer skies and dark, rich reds from the wildflowers that grow in the fields are all part of the color scheme you can use in your French country kitchen and throughout your home.

Use the color in your living room that is calming and welcoming at the same time. You can add fat candles as decorative touches. Wall decorations such as metal sconces should be brass or black painted metal with graceful designs. Flowers in decorative pottery containers add to the ambiance of France. You can often find collectible items that relate to French country accessories. These small vases or figures could be placed in a shadow box or wall display case.