Awesome European Decor Ideas For Anyroom 35
Awesome European Decor Ideas For Anyroom 35

30+ Awesome European Decor Ideas For Anyroom

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When decorating your home, it can be quite effective to add some European touches. A few classic European decorating accents can add a great deal of charm, grace and overall class to your home. Although you might immediately think of traditional decorating styles when you hear the words “European inspiration,” there are actually ways that you can add these beautiful touches to any style of decorating. If you’re ready to add a touch of Europe to your home’s decorating scheme, here are a few inspirational ideas to help you get started.

If you want to add a welcoming and slightly rustic look to your home, adding a few English country style decorating touches can be the perfect way to go. This style of decorating has a more utilitarian look and feel, as opposed to the much more ornate and elaborate style of decorating that you might think of when you hear the term “English style.” You can add a touch of English country with beautiful wood furniture pieces. Choose wood finishes such as oak, elm, walnut or ash, since these are wood species that were commonly used to create furniture in England.

Although the French Provencal style of decorating is based upon the much fancier styles of furniture that were commonly owned by wealthy individuals, the pieces tend to be a bit simpler and more functional. The overall look is beautiful and graceful, with furniture pieces commonly featuring bas relief carvings, splats or decorative painted details. You’ll frequently find beautiful embellishments on the furniture pieces, such as those made from wrought iron or even marble. Furniture pieces are finely crafted, using wood species such as cherry, chestnut, poplar, walnut or ash.

The Tuscan style of decorating is currently quite popular, largely due to its beautiful and decorative look. This style of decorating can really add a warm and inviting appeal to your home. Tuscan style frequently includes rustic touches, such as stucco, cracked plaster, marble and wrought iron. The color palette commonly used is warm and rich, featuring beautiful shades of yellow, red, terra cotta, gold, deep blue and olive green. You can also use vintage paintings, beautiful accent pillows, tile and finely crafted pieces of wood furniture to add a Tuscan look to your home.

Even if you don’t want to decorate your home in an overall European style, there are still some small decorating touches you can add. For example, a beautiful European wall tapestry could serve as the perfect focal point for your living room wall. A beautiful wrought iron grille or a piece of wrought iron wall art can also be a way of adding a bit of subtle European charm. These small decorating touches can work especially well with an eclectic decorating style. However, with a bit of creativity and decorating panache, you should be able to beautifully blend small touches of Europe into almost any style of decor. The end result with be charming and warm, with a touch of class.