Stunning Diy Colorful Interior Ideas 28
Stunning Diy Colorful Interior Ideas 28

20+ Stunning Diy Colorful Interior Ideas

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New house/old color? New house/no color? Old house/old color? Still living with builder-basic white? Maybe your paint colors are simply not to your liking!

The benefit of a simple color plan, whether assisted by a decorator or done on your own, cannot be underestimated. It’s amazing what bringing the color story together can do to achieve a professional, cohesive look. Paint is an affordable and DIY friendly option that can give you instant, happy, motivating results!

Show off your style and throw in a bit of fun with a color statement! We think of bold, playful or strong colors as reserved for kids rooms, but the truth is we can use these same colors to bring strength and personality into any room of the home. Want a red kitchen to offset your white cabinets? Go for it. (designer note: Make sure your red has a compatible saturation with other strong tones in your color scheme.) Want to use yellow in a north-facing room to give it a sunnier disposition? No problem. The trick to blending two or three bold colors together is to use a sprinkling of an adjacent rooms color in each space. Example: Red kitchen, next to yellow living room. Bring 3-5 touches of red into living room and 3-5 touches of yellow into kitchen. This need not be paint: use a pillow, curtains or other accessory item will help marry the spaces.

One of the most often asked questions and concerns I hear from homeowners is how to transition colors between rooms or spaces and still let each room have its own personality. The solution? Select a perfect neutral shade to flow between the spaces.

To pick your neutral, make sure it blends beautifully with the finishes currently in your home. The carpeting, hardwoods, countertops and cabinetry are not as easy or affordable of an update as paint. Paint is cheap, so even if you’re replacing the flooring down the road, match what you’ve got NOW for a truly finished and cohesive aesthetic in your home. Use your selected neutral paint color to meander its way throughout your home. Hallways, open spaces, entry halls; wherever you don’t use an accent color, your neutral will bring all the spaces together and banish that builder-basic forever. Select a neutral that blends well with your accent colors.