Simple Outdoor Living Spaces Design Ideas With Fireplace 42
Simple Outdoor Living Spaces Design Ideas With Fireplace 42

20+ Simple Outdoor Living Spaces Design Ideas With Fireplace

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What started out as a yard in the great American dream has evolved into an outdoor living space, encompassing dining areas, living rooms and even play areas that go way beyond the swingsets of the 1950’s. These spaces extend the livable area of your home, while saving you money and increasing your home’s value. This is particularly true in the Southwest, where bug-free, temperate outdoor conditions predominate for much of the year. In fact, a little further south, Latin American homes often blur the distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces – a bedroom might open to the garden or the dining room might call for outdoor eating all year ’round.

To take advantage of the wisdom of outdoor spaces, it’s important to remember that you’ll be more likely to use them if they’re close to the entrances of your home. One exception to that rule, however, are retreat spaces – sanctuaries you’ll want to remove from the house to create a sense of privacy and solace.

One of the most popular outdoor spaces is the outdoor dining room/kitchen. Plans for outdoor dining rooms can range from the basic to the outrageous, depending on your inclination and budget. Merely placing tables and chairs to take advantage of (or avoid) the sun, with a barbeque set up nearby, may be all you need. Even so, consider accents to dress up the space, like container gardens and solar-powered lights.

If you want to go for broke, install an entire outdoor kitchen with weatherproof cabinets and outdoor-ready appliances. Often the cabinets and appliances form the “walls” or boundaries of the space which you can then dress up with Spanish tile and a dining set. Use a pergola to provide shade and some cover.