Fantastic French Country Exterior Ideas For Home 34
Fantastic French Country Exterior Ideas For Home 34

20+ Fantastic French Country Exterior Ideas For Home

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Country homes have a warm, welcoming feeling. While the concept of these homes originated in the rural countryside, today country homes are located in all types of neighborhoods. From beautiful bungalows to elegant French country homes, there is a rustic nest to suit your preferences.

Bungalow homes have been around for centuries to accommodate families of all sizes and backgrounds. Modern American bungalow house plans usually have 1 or 1 ½ stories. Some bungalows are spacious while others are quite small. Basic bungalows are affordable and adorable. Many bungalows have an enclosed front porch or sunroom. The bungalow’s low-roofed, single-story design makes it an ideal home for handicapped people, elders and folks with small children. For those shopping around for the perfect second home, a bungalow is a perfect vacation getaway. Some waterfront communities feature several streets lined with small bungalows as a private, comfortable retreat for vacationers.

Country homes are a unique combination of elements from different American home styles. During the 18th and 19th centuries, country homes were predominantly built in the south. Most country homes have a roof that flares out to cover the porch to encourage pleasurable outdoor living. The front porch is often the focal point of country homes, featured in countless paintings with occupants in rocking chairs or swings. Other elements often found in country house plans include symmetrical windows and dormers used in colonial style homes. Today gracious country homes can be found all across the country.

In the late 19th century, French country homes became popular in the United States. Much like the allure of fashions from Paris, Americans were enchanted by the romantic design of homes modeled after those built in the French rural countryside. French country homes can be darling cottage or sprawling estates. The exterior of these homes is usually brick, stucco or stone with hip roof lines. Interiors include rustic wood beams on the ceilings and entries topped with arched openings. Some country homes include double French doors leading out to a deck or patio.