Pretty French Country Decoration Ideas For Kitchen 52
Pretty French Country Decoration Ideas For Kitchen 52

20+ Pretty French Country Decoration Ideas For Kitchen

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There is a wide variety of French home accessories you can use to achieve a kitchen style that evokes rustic coziness of an old world French chateau in Provence. You do not necessarily need to work from scratch in this venture but a few touches here and there to change the textures, colors, decorations, and other fixtures will easily do.

Transforming the texture of your kitchen will involve giving a weathered appearance to the walls, furniture and fixtures in your kitchen. You can possibly give the plaster on your walls an Old World look using paint and glaze. A French country texture can be further be enhanced by using other accessories such as wrought iron, rusted metal, and gilded fixtures such as drawer handles and cabinets. Incorporate lace and fringe for your fabrics and if you can afford invest in natural wood for chairs and tables. Natural wood is also ideal for counters made in a French country style.

For the perfect French look, use a light-color scheme mixed with subtle earth tones. Try to get as much natural light and sun into your kitchen to accentuate the gentle colors that are reminiscent of a French country life. Alternatively you can have mellow sun faded shades such as yellow and golden shades for added French country accents.

Other French home accessories you might have to incorporate to create a Provencal look will involve furniture and fixtures. Have a kitchen layout that creates an illusion of pre-fabricated Old World style. Install wooden cabinets that match the other accessories in your kitchen. Granite countertops, tile, and limestone are great alternatives to wood. A few other accessories such as a cast iron pot rack suspending copper pots and pans are great in evoking a French countryside feel in your kitchen. Weathered wooden benches can be a good replacement to chairs and an old crystal chandelier can be used to add old world elegance to your house. Bread baskets made of wicker are ideal items to give your kitchen an old rustic touch. You can easily get most of these items from a flea market or a yard sale if you look around keenly.