Inspiring Spanish Kitchen Design Ideas 48
Inspiring Spanish Kitchen Design Ideas 48

30+ Inspiring Spanish Kitchen Design Ideas

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Creating a Spanish kitchen design is possible while retaining convenient contemporary appliances and devices. These are hidden behind cabinetry as in any integrated kitchen. The influence of this sort of kitchen based on the hacienda or Spanish estate. Colors are vivid and rich, materials are natural and earthy and the atmosphere is dramatic, bold and family-oriented. Antiques and vintage items of interest could decorate the open shelves, giving an authentic air to your style.

Space is an essential part of this kitchen style. A central island used as a preparation area could also include an oven and cooktop, or a deep copper sink.

Cabinets have large drawers and contrast well with the pieces of large, ornate, tall furniture that could store the equipment, large bowls, casserole dishes and utensils.

An antique lamp placed hanging over the island gives atmosphere, and other modern ‘task lights’ can be used for functionality in a discreet way. An antique wrought iron candelabra would be in keeping with this design.

Hand-painted ceramic tiles are very decorative and a Spanish country kitchen would probably feature cream, blue, red and green. Colorful Talavera tiles, pottery and dishware are plentiful both to use in cooking and eating, and as decorative items.

A wooden rack hung from the ceiling on old chains would be useful from which to hang pewter and copper pots and pans.This is both typical of the style and also provides storage.