Charming Italian Style For Your Kitchen Design Ideas 49
Charming Italian Style For Your Kitchen Design Ideas 49

20+ Charming Italian Style For Your Kitchen Design Ideas

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If we know anything about Italian culture it’s that our friends from south-eastern Europe love to entertain. They are gregarious, outgoing and welcoming and if you ever visit an Italian home you are bound to be impressed by their style, flair and ability to make you feel as if you’re part of the family. A very important part of the Italian home is the kitchen, as food is of course a very important part of life in that country. We owe so many of our favourite dishes to their origins in that part of the world and we can definitely take a leaf out of their book whenever it comes to a home redesign project.

How do we create some of their flair and panache and install an Italian kitchen in our own home? Do a little bit of research and have a look at some images and photographs, to see just how much colour and variety is included in the typical Italian kitchen. This is something that you need to bear in mind right from the start. If you can add as much texture and as many different complementary tones and shades as possible, you begin to bring some of that warmth that they are famous for, as a people, into your house.

You might like to consider a terracotta floor, or marble counters to begin to reflect some of that Italian style. They like to bring a lot of the outside world inside and as such if you’ve got a rather nice view of your back garden, or if you can gaze over the countryside, then you should plan for unobstructed views through a nice, large window.

When you look at some of those photographs make a note of some of the classic and stylish furniture items, accessories and functional machinery. A wine rack would probably be a good idea, an espresso machine another.