Beautiful Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment 11
Beautiful Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment 11

30+ Beautiful Halloween Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment

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Halloween is not an American holiday. In fact, it’s not a holiday at all in the official sense. It’s more of a secular celebration which Americans like to have fun with that was adopted from pagan and religious observation days. Sown together over the centuries from Celtic, Christian, English and Irish traditions, today’s American Halloween is a hybrid designed to give kids a chance to dress up like their favorite fictional characters and adults a shot at revisiting their youth.

Halloween in America means that everyone gets a chance to celebrate or ignore the celebration. Children who want to get in on the fun can dress up in costumes, trick or treat for candy, have their own parties or visit special October attractions. Adults can dress up in costumes, join in on any one of the many parades around the country, visit a Haunted House, attend a party or plan one of their own.

People who choose not to celebrate Halloween usually indicate their choice by leaving the outside of their home or apartment undecorated. Trick or Treaters should respect that decision by passing by the doors of any undecorated residences and leaving those places unmolested.

One of the best parts of celebrating Halloween in America is decorating your home. You can get as creative as you like by designing your own scary schemes and scenery, or by just stopping by any big box or party store and picking up a pile of ready to display lights and decorations. Some people cut figures like pumpkins, witches, frightened cats, vampire bats and skeletons out of large pieces of cardboard, then place the cardboard over their windows on the inside and fill in the cut outs with streak-free window glass wax. After it dries, you have windows perfectly decorated for Halloween. Clean up is a snap afterward with just a damp cloth.