Awesome Pencil Christmas Tree Ideas 21
Awesome Pencil Christmas Tree Ideas 21

20+ Awesome Pencil Christmas Tree Ideas

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The Christmas season can quickly zap a budget when you’re shopping for gifts, food, wrapping paper, and chauffeuring your kids to their Christmas pageants and parties. One place that you can really save some money and let your personality and creativity shine is when trimming your tree. Why not make your own decorations? It can be a fun activity for the whole family to get involved in, and it can be done very affordably.

For instance, you can decorate colored glass balls you already have by using adhesive spray and glitter, or get your glue gun out and glue on some special sequins or jewels you found at the crafts store. Yarn, ribbon, raffia, stickers and even old buttons can be used as well. If you have old bits of lace, velvet or other favorite fabric, try trimming them into a special shape, such as a star or a heart, and affix them to the glass ornament.

We all receive beautiful greeting cards in the mail each Christmas. Why not use some of those favorite ones from the year before and decorate this season’s tree? You can use the entire card if you like, or you can simply clip out the pictures or scenes on the front that are your favorite and use them to make an ornament. You could also use these to decoupage a glass ornament.

Small children’s toys work great as ornaments as well. Small cars, dolls, farm animals, blocks, beads, and even puzzle pieces can be creatively worked into a theme for your tree. Look around your house and see what old toys you can find and incorporate them into your scheme. You could even work in some larger sized toys to decorate around the base of your tree.