Comfy Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas 37
Comfy Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas 37

30+ Comfy Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas

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Fall decorating should add harmony and warmth to your home, not stress you out with a long to do list during an already busy time of the year. Here are eight easy, fast, and cheap fall decorating ideas.

Incorporate dashes of a new color to your existing color scheme. Mix vibrant, rich red or autumn orange with neutrals or contrasting colors like beige, green, or blue. If you like green, try a muted tone, which is a refreshing option to bolder colors. Start with budget-friendly changes, such as accent pillows, throws, table settings, rugs, and candles which add drama and impact.

Bring the outdoors in by gathering woodsy items from your own backyard, finding them at your local home decorating store or farmers’ market, or buying them online. Look for small twigs and branches, pinecones, moss, and leaves. Place any combination of them in fancy pots, interesting vases, wooden trays, rustic lanterns, or hand woven baskets.

Spice up your fall dining room by adding little unexpected surprises to your dinner table. Use ribbon, twine, or copper wire to tie a name card to leaves or small twigs to make festive place holders for your dinner guests. Dress up your napkins with velvet ribbon for a traditional, yet festive, napkin holder. Or, use tasseled cords or stands of pearls in a modern, metallic shade from a crafts store.