Amazing Bathroom Closet Design Ideas 13
Amazing Bathroom Closet Design Ideas 13

20+ Amazing Bathroom Closet Design Ideas

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One of the crazy things that I seem to live through on a regular basis is moving house. For reasons known only to higher powers it seems that another location is infinitely more desirable. It occasionally is in the same city but more often not. In fact quite regularly it is another country altogether.

Consequently it is absolutely necessary to go through the painful process of seeing how much we have accumulated since the last move that we can really easily do without.

Funnily enough one of the places that we seem to be able to get rid of a big bunch of things is the bathroom closet.

One thing I have tried over the years to evaluate is what is really necessary to house in the bathroom closet. However it seems, according to many of the other members of the family, that I am badly informed and basically just not practical or sensible.

My basic idea has always been that the closet should contain towels and washcloths as well as extra soap, shampoo and toilet paper. I am aware that there are a few things like nail clippers and extra toothpaste that can also be housed sensibly.

What I was not really ready for was the enormous array of cosmetics that must always be in the bathroom. The closet is the place where all cosmetics that are not actually being used at the moment seem to arrive. I felt that maybe designating one shelf for them would be sufficient. I certainly was not ready for them to require at least four.