Romantic Black And White Bedroom Ideas You Will Totally Love 30
Romantic Black And White Bedroom Ideas You Will Totally Love 30

30+ Romantic Black and White Bedroom Ideas You Will Totally Love

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It is so easy to render even a very small bedroom into an exceptional space. Color is one way to do this. Combining colors with a special theme is even more effective.

The thing is to look for a theme that is of interest to you and then combine it with appropriate colors. An example could be a collection of old clock faces, all different in their forms but all connected through their black and white dials. These can be found at your local flea markets.


Such a collection would make a great wall decoration, especially if you arrange them together so that their different shapes and style become apparent. This type of combination would immediately give the room impact and interest.

You could then add a symbolic meaning to the collection, associating the clocks with some special phrase or quotation. Clocks could remind us to take some restful time, set time apart for contemplation, add more happy moments to life. There are so many attractive quotations around time, that it would be easy to find ones that have a special and personal meaning.

Continue with the black and white rhythm found in the clocks and apply it to textiles and accessories. However, keep the black limited to accents, with white remaining dominant. This would result in a repetition of the balance of black and white as seen on the face clocks and create a sense of unity within the room. Then add small accents of bright, spring green in a balanced way throughout the small room. Green is the color of nature and is indirectly connected to time. This reminds us of the four seasons that are repetitive and everlasting. The dash of color also energizes the black and white neutrals.