Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas 53
Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas 53

20+ Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

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Most of us never really pay much attention to the interior design of our bathrooms. Maybe it’s because we think that we don’t really spend a lot of our day in it, but the fact is if you add up every little trip into it you’ll soon see we are there quite a lot. Keep reading to find out some simple and affordable things you can do to spruce your space up a little.

Your bathroom is made up of different elements and each part plays an important role in the whole of the room. These parts include the walls, the fixtures, lights, your hardware as well as the decorations.

One of the first places that I usually like to focus on is the walls. They are the biggest part of the bathroom and usually need attention of some kind. One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to add some life is to give it a coat of paint. It shouldn’t take a lot since most bathrooms are relatively small. The color you choose should match the design theme of the room and should not be to bold a color or you may find it a little overwhelming.

Next you may want to look into your lighting fixtures. Lights get outdated really quickly and are quite often easy to replace. Light fixtures come in all shapes and sizes and choosing something may take a little shopping around, but I’m sure you’ll find something you like. Using scones lighting may give a better look than the old strip lights that look a little out of date. Hardware fixtures are one of the easiest ways to make your new looking bathroom stand out. Changing them can be a little tricky sometimes, but if you’re even a little handy you should have no problem.

Adding in a new shower curtain is a cost effective way to get a new theme and really make your bathroom have a more finished look to it. Redoing your floor with some cheap tile is another really easy thing to do and add a nice touch. You could also through in a couple of bath rugs for added comfort and style to finish it up.