Antique Ways Makeover Furniture 42
Antique Ways Makeover Furniture 42

20+ Antique Ways Makeover Furniture

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By now most of us have caught on to the fact that change can be a good thing, especially if that change is positive! Our homes are no exceptions to this rule either. Some nice updating, fresh paint, and new furniture can always make an old home look brand new, but, and here is the kicker, that can be very time consuming, and often quite expensive!

With the economy the way it is, it is very difficult to go out and buy brand spanking new furniture, or even slightly used furniture. Most of us have bills and gas to worry about and can’t really focus too much on things like home-improvements, especially when it isn’t a must.

Luckily, I have discovered a great little trick that can help improve the look of your old furniture, and give your home an updated and fresh appearance, which can not only make your home look better, but give you a boost as well.

Step 1. Buy bedsheets! I know it sounds ridiculous right? But bedsheets are amazingly good for nearly everything, beds, curtains, and yep you got it, furniture covers! You can also buy actual furniture covers, but you have to make sure sure that you get the right sizes and watch out for the prices! They generally raise $5-$10 for every additional size, so it can get costly. On the other hand, they do look really good!

When buying either, if it is possible, go for lighter colors. White is great as it lends a wide open, and clean feel to any area, but it may not be right for your home if you have children or pets. At least try to stay on the light side if you can.