Simplest Ways Heep Garage Shed Tidy 42
Simplest Ways Heep Garage Shed Tidy 42

20+ Simplest Ways Heep Garage Shed Tidy

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Almost half of homeowners with garages could be missing out on a small fortune according to research undertaken.

The research established that half of us (53%) use our garage as an extra store room, but only a third of us tidy it regularly and surprisingly women seemed less sure about what was in their garage (51% of those surveyed) compared to their male counterparts (38%).

Of course, the problem could be avoided by giving the garage it’s own spring clean, throwing away unwanted junk and maybe even making some money on valuable items. Providing more space in the garage also allows us to make better us of it, as a workshop, gym, or simply a safer place to keep our cars rather than on the road.

We have TV programmes dedicated to the valuable items people find in their attics and it is often a similar story in the garage, so why not give it a proper clean out?

It’s amazing what some people have found – how do you not see a motorbike?

By cleaning out your garage regularly, you can keep a check on what exactly you are storing which can have more than just sentimental value. And of course, by throwing away unwanted junk it creates far more space so you can put your garage to better use.