Amazing Futuristic Architecture That Can Inspire You 48
Amazing Futuristic Architecture That Can Inspire You 48

30+ Amazing Futuristic Architecture That Can Inspire You

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When it comes to creating house plans for your future home, you have to live with the decisions you make once your dream home is completed. It is amazing all the groovy space age habitats which splash the news these days. So futuristic, so George Jetson’ish, but would you really wish to live there, now you might think you do, but it might also turn out to be less than you’d imagined.

You see, I talked to a gal not too long ago who grew up outside of Los Angeles and lived in a high-tech futuristic house. This was back in the 70s and early 80s; she enjoyed it very much, but didn’t feel that she wanted to live in a modern house now. She didn’t feel like it would make her feel at home.

There are lots of great architects and designers in the world, and some of their floor plans and architectural creations or artist renderings are nothing short of amazing. If you look online, you will see tens of thousands of futuristic looking homes displayed.

Many of these homes have never been built, but someone designed them on a CADCAM, made a graphic picture, and put them online. Yes, they are quite intriguing, and might be a great house to visit someone who is having a party, but you might not like to live there day in and day out.

Indeed, I would suggest this; if you want to build or buy a modern looking futuristic home why not go rent one or find a friend who has one and stay with them for an extended period of time before you invest the money. There are couple of reasons for this; one, these types of homes are not easy to sell if you decide you wish to move, and two, if you have a home like this built you may not be able to get your money back out, which you’ve invested later.