Rustic Home Decor Ideas Bedroom 49
Rustic Home Decor Ideas Bedroom 49

30+ Rustic Home Decor Ideas Bedroom

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Are you ready to start that small bedroom decorating project? Since your bedroom is such an important room in your house, it should make you feel comfortable and relaxed regardless of its size. Here are home decorating ideas to help you get started with your small bedroom decorating project.

A good place to start your room makeover is with a clean slate, as in, de-clutter! Since clutter is stressful, it is the last thing you want in your bedroom. Shelves and under-bed drawers or storage boxes will help get the clutter under control.

An investment in dual-function, stackable and “hard-working” objects will help to control clutter and give everything a place. Floor-to-ceiling shelves are popular for displaying mementos and books as well as small, decorative storage boxes. With the use of shelves there is less need for additional pieces of furniture that will take up space.

Another home decorating idea is the use of Murphy beds. Murphy beds (fold-down beds) are great solutions for the home office that must occasionally serve as a guest bedroom. A search on the internet will give you unlimited information on Murphy beds.

As in any size bedroom, “creature comforts” can make your bedroom not merely comfy but downright cozy. Consider buying deluxe bed linens which don’t take any more space than more commonplace linens. A couple of works of art tastefully placed in the room along with family photos and a good reading lamp next to a comfortable chair will provide you with a relaxing, peaceful bedroom.