Vintage Front Porches Furniture Ideas 34
Vintage Front Porches Furniture Ideas 34

30+ Vintage Front Porches Furniture Ideas

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When people pass by a home, one thing that stands out and attracts them, is how a porch is decorated. The right porch furniture mixed with a sprinkling of beautiful accessories can cause people to stop and take notice. They may envy you, or they may even spark up a conversation if you are out enjoying the comforts you have created.

Whether you have chosen to go with a modern look with big high backed metal chairs and thick cushions, accompanied by a matching footstool, or rattan chairs in a country setting with a wicker side table for holding a flowerbed full of petunias, the furniture you choose should be a reflection of who you are and what you love.

Matching your porch furniture to create a setting that matches your home layout is an important part of curb appeal. If you have a big country home, you would not want to have eclectic looking furniture and decorations on a wrap around veranda because it would not flow together to create a comfortable looking retreat.

Just the same, if you have a small porch, you would not want to buy oversized couches or chairs and cram them together with a table and a bunch of vases and other knick knacks. You would want to keep it simple with a single high back wrought iron chair, maybe a tall one drawer table that will hold a flowerpot with a climbing ivy plant or a fern, maybe a welcome mat, and perhaps a bird feeder or wind chimes hanging in a corner off the roof.

Choosing the right sized porch furniture, a complementary style, and some matching accessories will determine how attractive your porch can be. There are many choices to make regarding the materials of the furniture you select. You will want something that is easy to clean, won’t be damaged by the elements, and is comfortable.

Teak, twig, cedar, birch cherry and eucalyptus are becoming popular wood for fashionable porch furniture these days. If you are looking to create a cozy country or rustic presence, these woods are durable and perfect for blending with cushions of solid navy, hunter green, burgundy, fresh khaki, and bark brown.