Creative DIY Herb Pots For Indoors And Outdoors 06
Creative DIY Herb Pots For Indoors And Outdoors 06

20+ Creative DIY Herb Pots For Indoors And Outdoors

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There’s something special about having a garden-themed celebration that includes ‘herbs’ as its theme. It is the beautiful herbs themselves, their wonderful scents, and/or their lovely shades of green? It’s elegant yet natural all at once. Having herb favors as your party favors for such an event is a perfect ending to your party.

DIY Herb Favors: If you’re are not adverse to doing these yourself, you can easily create small herb plant favors for your guests. All you’ll need are enough small clay pots for each of your guests, herb seed, and planting soil. You’ll need to start them well in advance of your party so that they will be recognizable (whether basil, parsley, etc.) when the date of your event comes around.

Having a friend who can draw well paint a picture of the herb plant or leaf on the container and also painting your names and the date of the party. Wrap each pot in a small piece of tissue(s) paper that match the color theme of your party. Hold the tissue in place with a pretty, coordinated ribbon.

Purchased Herb Favors: Here I recommend plantable herb seed favors which are made out of 100% recycled paper waste that is then handcrafted and embedded with herb seeds (you choose the herb). What’s nice about this type of herb favor (aside from their is no work on your part) is that you are usually able to personalize these herb favors with a short message and/or your name(s) date. And if you purchase them with envelopes they make very thoughtful place cards. I like to use them also as gift enclosures.