Easy Playroom Mural Design Ideas For Kids 48
Easy Playroom Mural Design Ideas For Kids 48

20+ Easy Playroom Mural Design Ideas For Kids

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Many parents are exploring their options in decorating and design for their child’s room even before their child is born. A nursery is a great place to start. How wonderful for a little baby to discover a world of imagination right in their own bedroom or playroom.

When choosing a theme, think about how long you would like the mural to be in the child’s room. Some families have one nursery that they use for all their children, but some will use the same room and have to re-paint as the child gets older. If that is the case, it is important to choose a theme that can grow with your child.

Some great places to find creative ideas are to: look in children’s books at the library, search the internet, buy a book on decorating children’s rooms, magazines, or you can seek help from a professional.

If your child is older and you are considering a mural for them, a great way to choose a theme is to ask them directly what they would like to have painted on their walls. Show them pictures and try to bring out their interests and/or hobbies.

For instance, if a young girl is into horses, you could have a wonderful mural painted of a western countryside with wild horses running into the sunset. If a boy loves tractors (like my son) a mural of a construction site would be great, with men in yellow hard hats, and tractors lifting dirt into giant dump trucks. A sports fan can have a mural painted of their favorite stadium or baseball field. Team colors and logos are also a simple way to add detail above a child’s bed.